Model CT110 Pair including hook-up wires $225.00

Model CT110 Pair including hook-up wires and Z-brackets $234.00

Model CT120 Pair including hook-up wires $225.00

Model CT120 Pair including hook-up wires and Z-brackets $239.00

Model CT125 Pair:  $160.00 With Z-brackets installed $174.00

Klipsch K-77F Magnet Assembly with Diaphragm.  Use this to make your old K-77M (square magnet) or K-77 (round magnet) tweeters into new tweeters using your original horn.  Includes new wires.

K-77F Magnet Assembly With Diaphragm $80.00 each or $160.00 per pair.

Diaphragms for Klipsch Tweeters for Heresy II, Forte, Forte II, Quartet, Chorus, Chorus II, and Cornwall II. Titanium Diaphragms:  $54.00 per pair.

K-77 and K-77M Diaphragm Kits.  These are the ones with the diaphragm pre-installed in the plastic diaphragm housing.  Price is $45.00 each.  A pair is $90.00.

Midrange drivers

Pair Atlas PD-5VH Drivers:  $288.00

A-55G Midrange Driver.  Replacement for the K-55X, K-55V, K-55M, K-51V and others.

Pair of A-55G Drivers $350.00

Replacement diaphragm for the A-55G drivers.  Price is $60.00 each or $120.00 per pair.

C600 Aluminum 600hz horns.  Pair of these is $130.00

K-55V Diaphragms $60.00 each or $120.00 per pair.

New replacement midrange diaphragms for the following:

Klipsch Heresy II, Cornwall II, Quartet, Forte, Forte II, Chorus, Chorus II, and KLF Series speakers including the following specific Klipsch midrange (squawker) drivers:

K-53-K, K-52-K, K-52H, K-57-K, K-58-K, K-59-K, K-61-K, and K-62-K.

This is a high quality replacement diaphragm developed for us.  It tests very good in comparison to an original Klipsch diaphragm and better in a couple of ways.  It, has slightly smoother frequency response, it extends a bit higher and it rolls off smoother without a bounce back at higher frequencies.

Price is $70.00 per pair.  OUT OF STOCK.  NO ETA


CW1526C 15 inch Cast Frame Woofers.  Replacement for the Klipsch K-33E for Klipschorn, Belle Klipsch, and Cornwall. (Not for the LaScala).Pair:  $275.00.

CW1526 15 inch Stamped Steel Frame Woofers.  Replacement for the Klipsch K-33E for  Klipschorn, Belle Klipsch, Cornwall and LaScala.  Pair:  $240.00

CW1526F has the same specs as the CW1526.  Difference is that the CW1526F has a thinner front gasket and a second gasket behind the frame.  This woofer works better for flush mounting in a motor board such as that on the Cornwall II.  It also works well for rear mounting for the Cornwall 1. Pair:  $260.00

CW1228 12 inch Stamped Steel Frame Woofers.  Replacement woofer for the Heresy 1 and Heresy II speakers.  This woofer has gaskets on both sides of the mounting flange, so is ready to use in the Heresy 1 mounted from the inside of the cabinet or the Heresy II.                   Pair:  $200.00.

CW1230 12 inch Stamped Steel Frame 4 ohm woofers.  Replacement woofer for the Forte 1 K-23 woofer and the Forte II K-25 woofer.     Pair $220.00