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Welcome to Klipsch Restorations

Klipsch Restorations is a product of a father (Jim) and son (Greg) team. We are both Audio Nuts and share a custom woodworking shop where we primarily work with veneers and exotic woods.

I first fell in love with the great sound of Klipsch speakers in 1962 as a junior in high school after listening to the Klipschorn and Cornwall speakers at Audio Associates in Fort Worth, TX. I have been a great fan ever since, especially of those Klipsch representing the Heritage family speakers.

A few years back, Greg and I decided to start gathering vintage speakers, mostly Klipsch, and storing them with the concept of restoring them. About a year ago we implemented that task. Our plans are to repair / replace defective drivers or crossovers and give the enclosures a cool sleek custom look, but not change any of the great sound. Please, enjoy the site and contact us with any questions or comments.

Thanks, Jim Dawson